Salesforce Release Management Services

Set up release criteria and schedule for Salesforce releases of various sizes and forms. Strive ahead towards production with customisation and changes in any release – with changesets.

Challenges of Salesforce Release Management

Increased complexities of projects are the primary challenges faced by our clients. Some of these challenges are:


There is a need for understanding the risk requirements while incorporating new changes.


Lack or complete absence of visibility to overall project status and cross-project status.


Inability to predict the impact of developmental changes different components and the associated risks.


Difficulty in interpreting whether a full, regression, and functional testing is conducted.


Failure to accurately and precisely understand the requirement impact of any 3rd-party applications.


Implementing changes increases the risks in the context of new dashboards, validation rules, and formulas.

Why Cloud Analogy?

Cloud Analogy helps you eliminate the hurdles of Salesforce Release Management such as complex Salesforce Orgs, Multiple release environments, version control, and multiple parallel releases. Our teams of experienced Salesforce professionals and our world-class Salesforce Release Management Services help you with designing the right Sandbox combinations for the Salesforce release.  We can even help you with version control setup and continuous integration for automated deployments by emphasising on the best code migration and strategic deployment plan across the release environments. Cloud Analogy helps you leverage Agile and DevOps best practices so that you can quickly and effortlessly release Salesforce applications.

Optimize Investments

Our experienced professionals will optimise your Salesforce investment and help you to access the best of automated release deployments.

Effective Release Management

Efficiently manage the production changes proactively to increase quality and reduce chances of project failures to increase operational efficiencies.

Streamline Release

Cloud Analogy's Salesforce professionals use smart third-party tools to streamline your Release Management processes.