Salesforce Consulting Services in UK

Improve customer service and boost productivity. Leverage the capabilities of Salesforce products and solutions by choosing Salesforce Consulting Services from Cloud Analogy.


Delivering Success And Business Continuity By Redefining Customer Relationships

At Cloud Analogy, we transform each and every customer experience and business journey by redefining relationships with our customers and partners.

Our Salesforce solutions are powered by deep industry expertise and the best of digital technology so your business grows more profitably and faster. We help you become the industry leader and maintain leadership of your niche regardless of the challenges ahead. By choosing Cloud Analogy as your strategic partner, you experience breakthrough results as we orchestrate complex technologies and combine digital and domain expertise. Choose Salesforce Consulting Services in UK now!

Delivering Success Efficiently And Continuously

Cloud Analogy has assisted global clients from brick-and-mortar stores to huge MNCs with cost-effective, end-to-end, and value-driven Salesforce administration, Salesforce Consultancy, and Salesforce customisation services. We deliver actionable insights, the rapid realisation of Salesforce solutions, and meaningful & personalised customer interactions for our clients.

Boost Sales with Sales Cloud


Whether you want to improve customer service or increase sales, Cloud Analogy helps you get more value out of Salesforce Sales Cloud implementation. By choosing us as your Sales Cloud partner, you can easily improve collaboration and communication between the sales and marketing team. When combined, the world's best CRM and our technological expertise can help you get more leads and close more deals.

Personalize with Marketing Cloud


Manage the entire customer lifecycle and all communication channels including web, mobile, email, and social by delivering intelligent marketing through personalised engagement activities using an integrated customer engagement platform. Automate routine marketing tasks, accomplish more with less, and create better connections with your customers using robust Salesforce marketing tools.

Connect with Community Cloud


Explore how Salesforce Community Cloud services can help your business deliver unified and consistent omnichannel experiences to your communities while you sell more products. Cloud Analogy is recognised globally as the industry leader across its portfolio. Trust our Salesforce Community Cloud solutions for connecting faster and smartly with your employees, customers, and third parties.

Delighting Interactions with IoT Cloud


Anticipate customer requirements, embed intelligence across business processes, act strategically to connect better with customers on a deeper level, and rapidly deliver to demand. Reach new levels of agility and efficiency by innovating with h such as the Internet of Things to improve brand experiences and delight customers. Choose Salesforce Consulting Services in UK, choose Cloud Analogy now!

Customer Service with Service Cloud


Capture and integrate data from social media, online helpdesks, and communities through our seamless Salesforce Service Cloud services. Provide faster and personalised customer service on all channels with your sales team working from anywhere with the Salesforce Service Cloud. Maximise agent productivity and enhance the customer experience across all mediums of customer interaction and communication.

Seamless Experience with Commerce Cloud


Achieving game-changing outcomes by inspiring total workforce engagement and redefining the customer experience. Deliver a step change in productivity via automation and innovation. Empower your B2B or B2C business using exceptional Salesforce Commerce Cloud services to rapidly and smartly transform data into insight - feeding innovation, process automation, and amazing customer experience.

Challenges in the Path

Set the pace for your industry by eliminating hurdles and unlocking new sources of growth


At Cloud Analogy, we understand that everything from planning to implementation and from customisation to maintenance of Salesforce products and services is complicated. Our world-class Salesforce consulting services will help you avoid all possible constraints ahead during your Salesforce journey.


Selection of Right Implementation Partner

Our dedicated, hard-working, and resourceful Salesforce consultants are proficient at handling complex Salesforce implementation projects. They follow time-tested and proven methodologies so that our global clients are the beneficiaries of smooth and seamless Salesforce migration services.


Integration with other systems

Cloud Analogy makes the otherwise-complicated process of Salesforce Implementation smooth and transparent. Whether it is cloud or on-premises or mobile apps, Cloud Analogy has assisted clients across the world avoid Salesforce CRM to exist in silo through intelligent suites of core applications.


Training and Adoption by the Team

Our teams of experienced and certified Salesforce Consultants remove all learning hurdles by training your employees to act as the enabler(s) to make Salesforce products and services work for you. Identify opportunities, anticipate needs, and predict actions to augment experiences across all channels.