E-Commerce Services From Cloud Analogy

Enhance brand awareness and customer loyalty with AI-powered recommendations. Satisfy the demands of today’s tech-savvy customers to effortlessly interact with your brand on all channels. Create delighting customer journeys and leverage the potential of Artificial Intelligence of Einstein Product Recommendations for personalized product suggestions.


Help your customers buy anywhere, fulfill anywhere.

Leverage the potential of Salesforce products and solutions to connect with customers anytime, anywhere with Salesforce-powered eCommerce solutions from Cloud Analogy. Delight your customers with the best of eCommerce integration to seamlessly engage with your customers as they move across their preferred channels – social, online, mobile, or in person.

Why Salesforce Is The Right Choice For Your eCommerce Business?


Mobile-first Capabilities

Reap the benefits of a cloud-based, multi-tenant architecture to deliver the security, reliability, and scalability to compete and prosper in an ever-evolving retail environment powered by Mobile Commerce.


Type-Ahead Guidance

Access personal and real-time suggestions for every shopper with type-ahead guidance with Einstein Recommendations. Streamline the operations of your business to stay profitable and cut down costs.


Accelerate Customer Service

Enable the service agents of your business to access a single and unified view of every single piece of relevant information in real-time - customers, stores, products, inventory, pricing, promotions, and more.


Feature-rich Storefronts

Realise the power of the Storefront Reference Architecture, an out-of-the-box website framework, to quickly build stunning, engaging, and feature-rich storefronts. Redefine the definition of success now!

Minimise Costs And Risks

Use secure and borderless infrastructure to minimise the technical complexities.

Unify Products, Pricing, And Catalogs

Provide a centralised view of products, pricing, and catalogs with simplified merchandising.

Incorporate Advanced Logic

Power your business with advanced logic courtesy exclusive discounts to loyal customers.

Optimise Conversion Funnel

Improve cart abandonment and target customers into paying customers. Target the right personas.

Challenges And Opportunities

Boost sales by improving the in-store experience through Predictive Intelligence for making smart product recommendations for both existing and potential consumers. Innovate and deliver differentiated and amazing experiences to continuously delight your customers. Stay ahead of the competition by analysing the challenges and opportunities before formulating and executing plans, methodologies, and functionalities to eliminate all obstacles.

Advantages Of Cloud Analogy eCommerce Services

From product discovery to product delivery, Salesforce helps you create better consumer experiences and transactions across mobile, social, web, and other digital channels. Use the power of predictive intelligence to enhance revenues.


Revolutionise the digital experience.