Salesforce Data Migration Services

Migrate your critical business data seamlessly and effortlessly with minimal disruptions to your operations with Cloud Analogy’s powerful, reliable, and streamlined Salesforce Data Migration Services.

Migrate Data Safely and Easy

Optimize value with the best Salesforce data migration services’ provider.

Moving piles of critical data from any CRM or a different system to Salesforce is not an easy task by any standards. Our Salesforce Data Migration Service experts are always there to help and guide you in your Salesforce journey. We help you deploy the best Salesforce Migration practices to reduce risks and maintain the integrity of data so your business receives smooth and successful migration.


Identify risks, mitigate threats, and migrate smoothly

Cloud Analogy realises that most businesses unknowingly neglect or under-estimate risks. Our teams of Salesforce data migration experts meticulously plan, customise, and implement the best tools and resources so that data migration is with minimal disruptions.


Data Planning

Our teams of experts Salesforce Data Migration professionals help you with diligent planning and complement it with painstaking efforts and resources so that the specific requirements of your business are handled in the best possible ways. We redefine data planning and execution strategies.


Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Tests are performed at every stage and level after the migration of data to your Salesforce Platform. Cloud Analogy ensures that all the critical data is transferred correctly and thoroughly without any loss & errors.


Selection of Data

Cloud Analogy helps you identify the data gathered by different teams relevant to your business so that you can make critical business decisions at the right time and place. This also helps you streamline business processes and sub-processes to get the best value out of Salesforce products and services.


Data Integrity

Data protection and data integrity are highly critical to create and nurture brand awareness, trust, and loyalty. At Cloud Analogy, we ensure the protection of your business data takes precedence to all our actions, efforts, and activities.


Data Migration

Cloud Analogy helps you with the migration of complex data, easily and effortlessly using the latest Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) tools. By doing this, we enable your business to benefit from more flexibility, more functionality, and more support.


Data Mapping

Our data mapping services help you get a detailed and comprehensive view of your business so that you can easily uncover previously-hidden or unexplored business opportunities, markets, and customers to gain a competitive advantage.