Salesforce Marketing Cloud Services and Solutions

Migrate to a more advanced and powerful platform. Cloud Analogy Salesforce CRM certified experts are here to help you leverage innovative business capabilities to achieve your marketing goals.

Important roles and features of Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Important roles and features of Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Products of Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Email Studio
  • Easily send and customize emails with data from Sales Cloud and Service Cloud
  • Deliver transactional, promotional, and triggered messages
  • Take advantage of robust reporting tools to track the performance
Mobile Studio
  • Interact with your customers through SMS, MMS, and Push messages at the right time.
  • Increase customer engagement with personalized mobile messaging.
Social Studio
  • Track and execute social media campaigns and take your business social presence to new heights.
  • Streamline social media monitoring and seamlessly connect to all areas of your business.
Content Builder
  • Manage all your business content at a single place.
  • Create robust and excellent content with drag-and-drop functionalities.
  • Provide a more personalized and visual content creation experience.
Advertising Studio
  • Activate your CRM data to power up your digital advertising and manage your campaigns.
  • Create customer-centric marketing techniques to help and guide your advertising efforts.
  • Optimize your ad campaigns to deliver the relevant content to your customers.
Journey Builder
  • Craft a personalized and better customer experience based on real-time behaviors.
  • Empower you to help customers on 1:1 journeys across various channels and devices.
  • Provide targeted advertisements, personalized emails, and real-time chatting options.

Top Game-changing benefits of Marketing Cloud

Enhance lead generation that maximizes efficiency and productivity.​

Track customers status and action across different channels and devices.

Better insights into campaign performance to help improve marketing accountability.​

Better insights into campaign performance to help improve marketing accountability.​

Offer campaign analysis, planning, and development, and data management as well.​

Shape customer experiences proactively that result in better revenues.​

Our Full Range of Services and Solutions

Marketing Cloud planning and strategy

We passionately work with you to explore your marketing objectives. Real-time analytics and actionable insights help you find out how effective is your marketing campaign.

Marketing Cloud Implementation

Implementing the Salesforce Marketing Cloud helps you know about different business workflows and guides you to choose the right path based on the status of the product.

Marketing Campaign Integration

We offer customised and robust Marketing Cloud development solutions to ensure that the chosen marketing automation platform fits with your business apps.

Marketing Analytics

We establish executive dashboards on the basis of day-to-day operations. Forecast the impact of marketing and track the generated lead to measure performance.