Salesforce DX Services

Access seamless, robust, and streamlined Salesforce DX Services from Cloud Analogy, the world’s most preferred Salesforce Development Company. Achieve unparalleled agility with source-driven development to manage development artifacts in the forms of customisation and code.

Enhance Developer Productivity

Our Salesforce DX professionals help you with end-to-end lifecycle so that your business can reap the optimum advantages of high-performance agile development. The Scratch Orgs in Salesforce DX offer innovative, source-driven environments for driving developing, continuous integration, and testing.

Cloud Analogy Improve Developer Experiences

Combining features from Heroku Flow and, Salesforce DX improves operational efficiencies by facilitating continuous integration and automated testing. Make the release cycle more agile and efficient and reap the benefits of improved team collaboration and development.


Testing and Integration

Certified Salesforce Professionals at Cloud Analogy make use of scratch orgs for testing your code and validating changes to promote code. Our teams of Salesforce Testing Specialists and Salesforce Integration Experts help you redefine app performance and results.


Enterprise App Development

Salesforce Developers at Cloud Analogy create enterprise applications in innovative and efficient ways with CLI-driven approach, source-driven, and VS Code for end-to-end solutions. Get enterprise app development solutions streamlined like never before.


Customised Application Development

Salesforce DX provides amazing Salesforce application development experiences. Our experienced Salesforce developers have rich experience and are resourceful professionals in open APIs and command line interfaces to create out-of-the-box solutions for your business

Features Of Our Services

Source Driven Development

Our Salesforce development experts make use of innovative and proven source-driven development processes and techniques by accessing the latest code versions and metadata from a centralised source control system.

Better Way To Build Applications

Salesforce professionals at Cloud Analogy are resourceful with capabilities and expertise to transform your ideas into realities by building sleek yet powerful apps through Salesforce DX. Experience the best of top-notch apps.

Innovative Way Of Managing Releases

Our certified Salesforce experts have the expertise about the unlocked packages in Salesforce DX to provide novel and innovative ways for managing releases and changes made to the Org. Explore innovative ways of managing releases.

Embrace Open-source Standards

Cloud Analogy harmonises tools and Integrated development environments (IDEs) with Salesforce DX using tools and open APIs to embrace open source standards. Choose the world’s most-admired Salesforce Development Company.

Use Scratch Orgs For Automated Testing

Cloud Analogy helps you easily emulate the Salesforce org with various features and preferences by using the new, temporary type of environment- scratch org for automated testing. Streamline performance of your business now.