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Cloud Analogy has a team of very expert individuals who work dedicatedly and create an atmosphere of enthusiasm and dedication to excellence. They provide excellent support and guidance for project implementation. Clear advice, prompt, accurate, and effective communication are definitely some good points about them. The team was very good at their job. We appreciate that they have the good background knowledge and good understanding. We highly recommend Cloud Analogy to everyone as they are a great asset to boost our company’s growth.

Andrew Weisselberg

Digital Marketer & eCommerce Executive

Cloud Analogy team was responsive to any queries i have, they keep me informed about the entire process. They clearly understand my requirements. All communication with the developers was really easy. They handled each and everything properly.The team is very impressive, enthusiastic, self-motivated, reliable, responsible, and hardworking and I would definetely recommend them. The project was completed within the specified deadline. I will definetly continue to work with Cloud Analogy in the future.

Daniel Feller

General Manager

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I found the Cloud Analogy group on upwork. I rely on upwork for giving my work for startup. Cloud Analogy was my first group I use when I search for extra support on upwork. Priders have been very patient, flexible and fast. So, I understand that I have to turn around things immediately. Being depend on you, that’s something just a part of the nature of my job and that has been extremely helpful. I find that if I mark something up or go through various accelerations, multiple changes you guys completely invest in for what I ask for in a very fast manner.

Jamie Ellise

Marketing Head

What I really liked about cloud analogy is- First is the service, the exceptional service, No communication issues mean I never have wondered of getting any priority in the process and you deliver what I was expecting and also you guys take the proper time and sit down and understand what actually I am working for. You guys work on things properly, thinks in a different manner. Precision was excellent. And the best part you have a team, not a single individual to work upon a project.

Chad Centrobi


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Through upwork, I came across with such lovely folks like you. A lot of projects you have completed on time, speaks on salesforce very confidently in the past. Video tutorial, 90+ rating, blogs altogether impressed me because you have worked a lot of hours to get it done. You people are confident to speak about salesforce in the community. Really a good time working with you. Communication was great, you have done the projects very fast beyond my expectations.

Paul Johnson
Software Developer

The team was very patient with me throughout the process. The team is very prompt. Happy with their deadlines. They have a handset solution to every question of mine. Overall, I am happy with timeliness and knowledge. For my tech work, I rely on them. They seem to be out there for help for any type of work to be done



Business Consultant

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It was easy to work with you all peoples. Not to worry about anything. You guys were good to answer quickly about how the work to be done, how long will it take to complete, what needs to be done. We communicate during the project pretty good.

Harold Isaac Walters

Co-founder of Success Map

I’m impressed with the communication and incredible work. The most powerful thing is you have a team of people for work that means you don’t have to rely on the individual. You have different expertise means if one doesn’t know about something you can find someone else for the work. That was very helpful. Guys are comparatively praised, the attitude was great, they were patient with me. I appreciate your hard work.

Bruce Hanson


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I had an excellent partnership working with you, You guys had an extensive support community project. You provide the details for different changes to do. You guys have incredibly interacted with us and it was an excellent relationship. You guys have great knowledge about salesforce means if we have a new request or need you to have different no. of ways to approach that work. You guide to take the right decisions and provide great feedback on a hardworking project

Michale Moskowitz

Chief Financial Officer

This process was successful relationship with you guys. You provide IT support which was needed. Work was strictly right on time during this project. Project dedicate a long expectation and it was completed. I like the patience as we were new to this, knows nothing about salesforce. You guys took time, talk with the basics and technical issues and I love to understand that.

Philip Martyn Smith


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The things that I enjoyed about working with cloud analogy is the fact that I was able to not only just communicate on telephone or WhatsApp but also to communicate by JTN, discuss the process on Viber. So, it was really helpful to get a clear and concise package that I can work with so that I can get exactly what I required and need. Cloud analogy has the ability to deliver things that are needed.

Roger Donnelley

This process was successful relationship with you guys. You provide an IT support which was needed. Work was strictly right on time during this project. Project dedicate a long expectation and it was completed. I like the patience as we were new to this, knows nothing about salesforce. You guys took time, talk with the basics and technical issues and i love to understand that

Bob Desmaris

Founder & CEO

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We have over 4 years of experience in the business of development and consulting

Very good help in a Salesforce challenge

I can highly recommend working with them, they are very quick and reliable. The work they deliver is on time and of high quality.

Nina Eichhorn




Web Portal - Web Developer

I have had work done at the level and the web/html level providing integration of our volunteers into a page that works flawlessly with our existing SquareSpace website. Very happy with the results!

Joel Chambers




Friendly, Responsive, Teamwork

Cloud Analogy team was very friendly, responsive and committed to its work and communication, open and creative to improve with solutions, and resilient and persistent at difficult times. The team always kept us updated in details with sharing their method and technical steps, and gave us the feeling that we were also in the Team.

Hans Martin




Fast, Reliable, and Good Communication for Salesforce Dev Needs

We have been using Cloud Analogy for many years for developing Salesforce apps, triggers, etc. and have had a great experience throughout. They challenge the design/architecture and recommend options, which is usually not the norm. They just don’t want to build what you want they want to build what you want and make it better while minimizing the impact of the project. Communication is great with chat, web meetings, documentation, etc. I always know the status of my projects.

Michael Chyzowych




Expertise in Salesforce Consultations

I asked them several questions and was happy to see them answer each one of them. After 2 months of support and development I am happy be highly impressed with their dedication and knowledge.

Paul Dobinson




Best support team I have worked with in the last few years

Its more than a year working with Cloud Analogy and I am glad to have only good words for Cloud analogy team. Their round the clock support is awesome with multiple developers jumping in to help. I have seen professional consultants but they have taken the project at a personal level and came up with awesome results.

Alen Denz




Ajay, Nitish and the Cloud Analogy Team are awesome! Fast professional service

It has been fantastic working with Ajay on Nitish, they take the time to understand the issue and come back with insightful solutions. Having their help has helped us drive user adoption and certainly made our system more user friendly to use. They are very quick to respond and turn work around promptly. The only thing I can say is I wish I had discovered Cloud Analogy sooner

Michael Maddison




Prompt efficient service

Ajay consulted with us on a small project, we appreciated the speed and efficiency of his service

Steve Sloan