Salesforce Integration Services

Simplify business functions, automate business processes, and seamlessly connect complex systems to efficiently control assets and achieve massive cost reductions with Salesforce Integration Services from Cloud Analogy.


Salesforce Integration Services

Our Salesforce Integration Services

Salesforce Integration offers a single point of entry into a wide range of applications for your business users to foster better customer relationships and improve employee experiences. As your Salesforce Integration Partner, we help you save money and increase your profits. Choose the industry expert for all your requirements related to Salesforce integration using web services.

Unify Buying experience with eCommerce Integration

Get connected with customers, minimise data inconsistencies, and build trust across segments and platforms. Enable better upselling and cross-selling of products across various channels and touchpoints. Empower employees and customers and maximise the value of your business with the best of Salesforce Integration Services.

​ERP Integration – Get 360° View

Integrate Salesforce with your Enterprise resource planning system to achieve cross-department cooperation. Plan your business procurements smartly, promote quicker interactions with customers, and take informed and smarter decisions with the best of Cloud Analogy-powered ERP integration. Integration with Salesforce web services was never any better.

Better Control, Value Driven

Cloud Analogy enables you to streamline and simplify the otherwise-complicated processes of data collection, interpretation, customisation, and execution so that you can relax and focus solely on the core functions of your business. Using our Salesforce data integration tools and methodologies, you can easily integrate complex data systems to access a 360° customer overview.

Accounting Integration Comprehensive Finance Visibility​

Get absolute control and enjoy complete freedom while creating and maintaining the highest standards of transparency and accountability. The proven capabilities of Cloud Analogy in Accounting Integration will help you manage your finances better, increase business productivity, create financial reports, and improve the quality of forecasts with data-driven insights.