Banking, Financial Services, And Insurance Solutions

Engage and delight your customers by exceeding expectations.

Powerful and ever-reliable Salesforce products and solutions help you transform the Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI) organisations with the best of customer relationship management solutions. 


Our Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance Solutions

Immaculate and seamless solutions that our clients can always count on.

Deliver the expectations of today’s tech-savvy and connected clients with smart insights, goal-based planning, and personalised outreach – the three most important pillars of Salesforce solutions from Cloud Analogy. Leave a positive, lasting, and trust-building impact on the ROI of your growth-driven business. Collaborate on social feeds, generate more leads and conversions, track opportunities, and close more deals with Cloud Analogy’s Salesforce CRM Capabilities.

Why You Should Choose Salesforce For Your BFSI Organisation?

Today, Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI) organisations are increasingly adopting state-of-the-art and out-of-the-box Cloud-based technologies for proactive and invaluable insights. Transform your customer relationship management systems with Salesforce solutions to increase the RoI of your business.


Offer Delighting Digital Experiences

Create mesmerising and engaging digital experiences with Salesforce solutions for easily driving effortless engagement for customers in real-time and across a wide range of devices.


Render Faster And Reliable Services

Simplify and streamline your business processes with instant access to information in a centralised location with Salesforce while delivering exceptionally fast and reliable services.


Deliver Personalised Services

Delight your customers across the world by delivering personalised services with advanced Salesforce products and services. Choose world's favorite Salesforce development company now.


Streamline Client Engagement With Secure Collaboration

Count on Salesforce for seamless and secure collaboration. Streamline the entire client engagement process for your BFSI organisation. Streamline client engagement now!


Serve Smart Services With Customer Intelligence

Serve your customer by creating trustworthy relationships with them and address specific requirements and eliminating obstacles through powerful customer intelligence solutions.

How BFSI organisations Can Benefit From Salesforce?

Today, the landscape of financial services is redefined by Fintech industry disruptors and Salesforce let BFSI organisations gain the upper hand in the cutthroat environment by accessing, harnessing, and leveraging data to the advantage of their clients and advisors.

Elevate Digital Banking Experiences

Streamline business operations and leverage the best of Salesforce products and solutions to enable advisors to easily connect and collect user-permissions end-user account data to more smartly advise and inform their clients.

Get a 360-degree view across all channels on all service requests.

Engage in more meaningful and richer wealth management recommendations.

Effortlessly integrate apps in the Salesforce ecosystem and improve advisor job productivity.

Access holistic views of the financial life of clients and optimise cross-selling and up-selling.

Digital Solutions for BFSI Industry

Digitally transform your BFSI organisation and provide novel & holistic ways to connect and interact with the clients. Leverage the true potential of the Salesforce technology, products, and solutions to ensure improved transparency and collaboration.

Financial Services Cloud Solutions

Smartly connect processes, teams, and systems around the customers with the Salesforce Financial Services' Cloud for a 360-degree view of your clients.

Salesforce IoT

Stay ahead of the rest with immaculate Salesforce IoT solutions to precisely identify business events that require attention and improve customer experiences.

Salesforce end-to-end Solutions

Benefit from and deliver end-to-end Digital transformation services and extend your reach to new opportunities, markets, and customers with Salesforce.

Challenges and Opportunities

Identify the obstacles hampering the growth of your organisation and eliminate all bottlenecks. Leverage the true potential and effectiveness of smart Salesforce products and solutions to enhance your organisation’s share in the BFSI environment. Harness Salesforce Analytics to nurture brand awareness, loyalty, client satisfaction, and profitability consistently.

Identify Opportunities

Employ Salesforce Analytics to identify and explore rewarding opportunities for BFSI organisations and optimise the profits.

Deliver Better Products and Services

Redefine leads, conversions, sales, and profits through a wide range of Salesforce products and services to improve operational efficiencies.

Increase Sales Volume

Improve your organisation's market share and sales of your BFSI organisation with powerful and reliable Salesforce solutions