Salesforce Government Cloud

The world’s leading seamless enterprise cloud, built for government

Salesforce for State & Local Government

Salesforce Government Cloud can help various local and government agencies and departments maximise their efforts to address unique challenges.

With the innovation of the Customer 360 Platform for Government, Salesforce transforms the way departments, agencies, and their community of contractors meet the unique demands of today’s constituents and fulfill their mission more effectively. This provides stakeholders the tools they need to connect data, processes, and people while also reducing the risk, cost, and complexity of traditional IT.

As a leading Salesforce Silver Consulting Partner, Cloud Analogy works closely with government agencies to develop and implement and execute their most complex and sophisticated projects. Our Salesforce cloud specialist team supports state and government agents in migrating and managing their operations in the Salesforce Government Cloud.

Who can use the Salesforce Government Cloud?

Salesforce Government Cloud infrastructure can help fuel your journey of digital transformation at all levels of government such as:

Federal Government

State & Local Government

Department of Defense (DoD)

Higher Education

Benefits Of Salesforce Government Cloud

Leverage the benefits of Salesforce Government Cloud to:

Update and consolidate solutions to maximise revenue for licenses, penalties, and faster resolutions.

Deliver greater value faster to government contracts.

Access fast, easy, and AI-driven solutions.

Deliver a higher quality mission faster.

Empower your mission-critical programs.

Enhance responsiveness to citizens with modernised applications.

Overview Of Salesforce Government Cloud

For Federal Government

For Government Contractors

For Department of Defense

For State

For City

For Security & Compliance

Case Management & Contact Center

Salesforce Government Cloud provides public sector employees with the required visibility to seamlessly and quickly provide the remedial actions and flexibility needed to provide better and robust services. By delivering friendly solutions for employees and agents with a unified view of components, you can offer more effective services through competent consulting and implementation services.


The Salesforce CRM Government Cloud solutions are intended to help users innovate faster and deliver new potential to transform health services and how patients, health care providers, and payers communicate and function. Enable caregivers through Salesforce for healthcare to help them view patients as their valued customers and users who have choices on whom they want to believe in their health and their families. Salesforce patient management software truly changes the health care experience.

Application development platform

You can easily turn your "technical debt" into an innovative, relevant, and outgoing function with Salesforce Government Cloud. Strengthen your IT team, system integrator, and line-of-business leads to implement rapid engagement applications, increasing their effectiveness, and creating sustainable value for stakeholders. Salesforce CRM Government Cloud helps agencies build stronger connections between citizens, employees, governments, services, and the information they all need.

Self-service portal and community

Today's customers and consumers expect and deserve more personalised service. Enables government customers to use the Salesforce community portal to track status, request services, and collaborate with service providers on the channels that are most relevant and practical for them. It provides a standardised approach to security assessment, authorisation, and continuous monitoring for cloud products and services. Basically, transform mission delivery in line with the instantaneous, personalised, and convenient standard that customers expect.

Why Choose Cloud Analogy?

Cloud Analogy team of certified experts provides robust and effective CRM solutions for governments to modernise aging infrastructures and improve operational productivity. Government Cloud experts at Cloud Analogy have the expertise and access to resources to integrate seamless solutions while delivering and implementing a host of applications.

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As Salesforce Government Cloud Infrastructure continues to mature, public and semi-public sector entities can expect many more opportunities to increase the value and quality of their IT investments.

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