Salesforce Health Cloud Services and Solutions

Cloud Analogy helps you connect and collaborate seamlessly with care teams and patients by harnessing the full potential Salesforce Health Cloud.


Why Opt For Salesforce Health Cloud Solutions?

Salesforce Health Cloud leverages the power of the cloud, social, and mobile technologies to provide robust and cost-effective tools needed by health professionals to collaborate more effectively, gain a deeper understanding of patients, and build one-to-one relationships across entire care journeys.

Benefits of Salesforce Health Cloud Solutions

Create exceptional one-to-one patient journeys.

Deliver smart, simple, and personalised engagements.

Smarter management and collaboration of patient activities in one place.

Increased productivity and efficiency for caregivers.

Supports better health outcomes with patient engagement.

Health cloud Integration gives an up-to-date and 360-degree view of patients.

Communicate and collaborate flexibly, at any time, on any device.

Empower patients to understand and achieve health goals.

Our Salesforce Health Cloud Services

Health Cloud Implementation

Health Cloud Integration

Health Cloud Consulting

Health Cloud Deployment

Health Cloud Support

Health Cloud Data Migration

Why Choose Cloud Analogy for Salesforce Health Cloud Services?

With our Salesforce Health Cloud integration services, you can get an integrated view of every patient across teams of healthcare professionals, partner affiliates, and employees, and deliver an exceptional patient experience.

Our Salesforce Health Cloud specialists can help you collaborate seamlessly from a single point of engagement and deliver personalised experiences that exceed patient expectations.

Our Salesforce Health Cloud Integration services help you create a single source of truth for everyone in the member journey, enabling seamless omnichannel experiences tailored to each member’s health needs and communication preferences.

We help you integrate Salesforce Marketing Cloud with Salesforce Health Cloud so that you can easily communicate with patients on any device and collaborate across the healthcare network, from care coordinators to service workers and family members.

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