Salesforce Pardot Services

Boost your sales and marketing success with the best automation strategies.

Integrate Salesforce and Pardot

Pardot has a very powerful and strong integration into Salesforce. Cloud Analogy provides easy-to-use Marketing automation services that power more sales and generate more leads. Salesforce Pardot integration help you automate marketing processes and drive greater results

Why choose Salesforce Pardot? ​

Easy email marketing setup

Pardot has a simple, fast, and robust setup. Send customised emails with email templates, automation rules, and dynamic content.

Get a 360-degree view of prospects and customers

Build strong customer relationships by providing accurate and right information to them.

Generate high-grade leads

With easy-to-use lead generation marketing tools, you can achieve high-quality leads.

Calculate Marketing ROI

Track marketing Campaigns performance to boost sales through personalised dashboards.

Collaborate with CloudAnalogy Expert Consultants to Reap the benefits of Tools and Features in Pardot

Prospect tracking

Our certified consultants help you understand the specific interests of clients and enable implementation of Pardot with personalisation and list building automation.

Lead grading and scoring

We help you comprehend the engagement level of your clients for identifying the best leads and closing deals faster.

Lead nurturing

We help you target your best customers through the Sales Funnel and build strong relationships with effective lead campaign strategies.

Forms and landing pages

Enhance your prospects' clients with interactive, actionable, and functional landing pages and email templates.

Email marketing

We help you create attractive email templates and execute advanced testing strategies to improve conversion rates and determine the spam emails.

Analytics and reporting

We help you get access to all the reports and dashboards to make better, effective, and data-driven decisions.

Pardot Solutions ​

Empowers the sales team to work together to nurture more leads, close more leads, and maximize return on investment.


B2B Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation platform provides you with tools to create, deploy, and manage marketing campaigns to drive the best business outcomes.


Grow faster with strong customer relationship

Tracking engagement, real-time sales alerts, and activities ensure the sales team is following up with the right prospects to close deals faster.


B2B Marketing Analytics

Offers you data-centric insights about the marketing campaigns’ performance that helps in improving marketing strategies to drive more revenue.


Einstein Account-Based Marketing

Determine the right accounts, improve customer engagement, and align sales & marketing efforts to give customers more personalised information.