Nonprofit Cloud

Improve Your Service Delivery With World’s # 1 CRM For Nonprofits.

From Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud Consulting to Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud Implementation to Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud Administration, and Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud data migration, Cloud Analogy, a Salesforce Silver Consulting Partner, can assist you in every step of your journey.

Provide better programs, deepen constituent associations, and accelerate your transformation journey into a Connected Nonprofit.

Make a bigger impact as your great mission truly deserves great technology.

Today the world needs nonprofits more than ever before. Nonprofit Cloud is the right fit for nonprofits that enables nonprofits of any size to run their organisations better and engage more deeply with constituents to advance their missions.

The Nonprofit cloud is authorised by, a community of more than 30,000 trailblazers, which powers your entire mission by leveraging the Salesforce capabilities to its full potential. Raise more donations with AI-driven insights, track and measure impact in real-time, and take every single constituent on their memorable personal journey because there is nothing less than you deserve to make a positive impact in the world.

What is Nonprofit Cloud? Professional Cloud is the complete set of out-of-the-box Salesforce technologies that overcome technology barriers and challenges that are usually faced by nonprofit organisations. This includes Salesforce products such as Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, and Community, as well as specifically-built products by for nonprofits.

Non-profit Salesforce Cloud is an advanced version of the Nonprofit Success Package (NPSP) and helps you configure enterprise data models and business processes to manage nonprofit programs. Products within this cloud include Nonprofit Success Pack, Sales Cloud, Lightning Platform, Chatter, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Success Plans, and NGO Connect.

Cloud Analogy makes it easy for your nonprofit to get started with the Nonprofit Cloud by providing cost-effective, high-quality support and services to beneficiaries, donors, and volunteers.

Advantages Of Nonprofit Cloud Platform

Reduce the risk of fraudulent activities

Minimise human error and detect suspicious processes by automating and regularising the flow of funds.

Enhanced Performance and Faster Response

Collect all your data in one place and decrease the number of missed opportunities.

Increased donor retention

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Greater ability to complete missions

Increase the effectiveness of nonprofit organisations by achieving a clear understanding of their mission.

360-degree overview of donors and recipients

Collect all customer life cycle data and demonstrate it in a 360-degree view.

Lower operating costs

Reduce manual effort and total cost of operations to make the non-profit organisations more efficient.

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Our teams of Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud specialists can assist you to categorise and manage cases, manage comprehensive information about components and volunteers, record and categorise assets, organise and plan resources, track detailed activity history, automate processes, and support and enforce workflows.

Choose Cloud Analogy for Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud Consulting, Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud Implementation, Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud Administration, and Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud data migration now!