Our Values

About Cloud Analogy

Cloud Analogy is a name trusted across the world when it comes to customized Salesforce development, Salesforce administration, Salesforce migration, Salesforce integration services, and Salesforce support and maintenance.


Customer Success

Our approach to Customer Success lies in the fact that we understand your goals are unique and help you achieve them effortlessly. We adapt to you as Cloud Analogy strongly believes that one size does not fit all. Cloud Analogy does this by providing reliable, seamless, and streamlined solutions that specifically fit your business, your people, and your goals.



Innovation is our second name as passion is always at the heart of Cloud Analogy. We continuously move forward, innovate, experiment, and improve. We keep on innovating as you deserve better products, services, and solutions to achieve your goals. Cloud Analogy understands your business and shares your values.



At Cloud Analogy, we believe the change we want to see with the environment and people starts first with change within us. We are of the view that taking good care of our communities is non-negotiable for happiness, success, prosperity, and empowerment. Cloud Analogy understands that if we can simply lay a small brick for days eventually it will help us see the big castle we dream of. Serving our communities is an integral part of the core identity of Cloud Analogy.



Cloud Analogy only makes promises it can keep and trust is a choice that we make every day. We stand for integrity and inspire others to be always fair and truthful in all our dealings. At Cloud Analogy, we do understand that trust is hard to gain and harder to redeem when broken. We are open, ethical, transparent, and honest in everything we do and our stakeholders trust us to adhere to our word and communicate fearlessly to create and nurture trust.



Cloud Analogy believes that there is strength in diversity and it is for this reason that we value all individual differences such as personality, culture, religion, and abilities that make each of us unique. We emphasize on bringing out the best in everyone, and respecting their unique interests, feedback, suggestions, opinions, and talents. Cloud Analogy builds on the strength of its people as we are of the view that even those who challenge our patience day in and day out provide valuable lessons we can learn from.